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Dina Peralta-Reich, MD FAAP FOMA

Dr. Dina Peralta-Reich MD FAAP FOMA is the Director of New York Weight Wellness Medicine, a practice she founded based on medical mindfulness as an integrative approach to weight wellness. 


Dr. Peralta-Reich is the Director of Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, and is also a fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. 


She has over 15 years of clinical experience in pediatrics, well newborn care, as well as obesity medicine.


Her unique approach to weight wellness spans all ages and life stages, with a special focus on integrated weight wellness, pediatric and adolescent weight management and postpartum wellness.

In her positions at world-class hospitals, she has held various key roles, including developing practice guidelines for adolescent metabolic surgery candidates at Lenox Hill Hospital, and designing clinical pathways for overweight and obese adolescent patients with multi-specialty support and a stepwise treatment approach. Born in the Republic of Panamá, she also organizes annual medical missions to Central America in collaboration with Penn State University, bringing comprehensive healthcare to underserved communities.


Dr. Dina is passionate about global health, good medicine, mindfulness and her 2 adorable boys. She’s fully fluent in both Spanish and English.

New York City
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